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Picture not so perfect

Brand News

Have you ever taken a photo of your food to share with all your followers who probably don’t give a shit? Embarrassingly I have and I’ll probably continue to do so in the future but not if 'Bru' has anything to do with it! This mineral water brand has created a whole load of plates with hidden QR codes so when anyone tries to take a photo of this crockery; a notification pops up reminding you to live in the moment.

I love this ‘Social Plates’ initiative and I also love how anyone can buy the plates for their own home. Hopefully my mum doesn’t read this issue and I’ll be able to Insta her infamous mac and cheese in peace.

Try not to read this

Brand News

Synesthesia is when one of your senses accidentally triggers another. Coca Cola have recently taken advantage of this condition and released a campaign using iconic images of Coke bottles and cans being opened. The campaign asks viewers to “try not to hear this”. You literally can’t not and it’s frikken awesome. I’d be lying if my mouth wasn’t watering while I type this. Being one of the world’s most popular brands, I don’t think they even needed that extra logo on the side but it's still pretty damn cool.

Disappearing Google

Tech News

Are you a fan of the Avengers or just love a nice internet hack? Well get on Google right now (well after you’re done reading this awesome edition of The Tara Times) and type in “Thanos”. Once you’ve done it, click on the cheeky gauntlet (the gold glove in the corner for all the noobs like me) and see what lies ahead of you, or what doesn’t…

Spoiler Alert - literally

Tech News

Sick of living in fear that you may expose yourself to a Game of Thrones or Avengers spoiler? Well look no further than ‘Spoiler Protection 2.0’. This is an extension available across Firefox and Chrome where you can add specific keywords that you want blocked wherever you go online. This extension can even block images, videos and social channels from showing you the info you don’t wanna know! Don’t say The Tara Times never helped you with anything!

Insta Yikes!

Digital Platform News

Imagine Instagram without ‘likes’ appearing on posts – can you? I can’t and I can’t imagine many brands or influencers want to either. However, this week it was reported IG may be experimenting with hiding ‘likes’ publicly. I honestly have mixed feelings and although I appreciate that Insta wants people to focus on what is shared rather than how many ‘likes’ it receives, I do see the issue for brands. There’s a lot of credibility these days in ‘likes’ especially when you stumble upon a brand, content or an influencer organically. At least the pressure is taken off from my own personal content performance – but that doesn’t pay my salary!

What’s-appening to my screenshots?

Digital Platform News

Have you heard that WhatsApp may prevent users from screenshotting conversations? Well don’t fret just yet as this may be a security feature that you can implement yourself…to prevent yourself…from screenshotting your very own conversations?!?! Weird right? It doesn’t actually stop others from screenshotting your conversations…just yourself. WABetaInfo who reported on this first stated “We do not know why WhatsApp decided to prevent screenshots…personally I don’t know if users like the idea”. Yeh, I’m not 100% sold either. Considering Snapchat notifies others when people screenshot and Netflix doesn’t allow people to screenshot at all – there are probably more sensible ways that Whatsapp could implement this security feature.