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Digital Platform News

Did you know that in the US, porn searches for the term ‘MOM' and ‘MILF' have risen by almost 20%? I didn't, but that's some seriously fascinating data. Earlier this month, on Mother's Day, porn site xHamster latched onto this trend by blocking these categories. If an individual attempted to watch this type of content, a video popped up, encouraging the viewer to think about their own mom for a change.

You can't not love this brilliantly cheeky campaign. I also just love how this brand joined such an unconventional conversation.


Digital Platform News

Over the past week, the internet has blown up with images of people using Snapchat's gender swapping feature. Scarily accurate, this filter turned me into a slightly chubbier looking, Steve Carrell. Although Snapchat's daily downloads rose significantly during this time, other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were where people shared them. Although Snapchat may not be dead for content creation, it may still be dying for content sharing…


Tech News

As Instagram continues to deliciously evolve their platform, the ability to ‘donate' has finally arrived! Users are now able to create stories as a way to ask followers to donate funds. This function is only available through stories which isn't unusual considering this format's rising popularity. With research showing that younger generations are more recepeptive to the concept of peer-to-peer funding, it will be interesting to see how this new feature performs!


Brand News

I frikken love KFC and I love brands that venture outside of their predictable marketing silos! Recently, KFC has created a “Bucket Bangers” playlist with over 46 tracks that reference this deep-fried chicken brand. Who knew Madonna was even referencing this iconic brand in 1992?!

Pretty fly idea or should I say pretty fry idea?!?


Tech News

If you haven't heard about Google banning Huawei, you've been under a rock or you're just an iPhone or Samsung user. In short, Google announced earlier this week that they'd be cutting off Huawei phones from future Android updates. The main reason for this is because of Huawei's cosiness with the Chinese government. The US, in particular, fear that Huawei's equipment could be used to spy on other countries and companies. This Google ban means that Huawei phones outside of China, will be unable to access apps and services like Gmail and Google Play, as well as Google technical support in the future. Although current devices will not be affected…future ones will be.

It's Britney B*tch

`Code News`

Britney is back, and you can talk to her, well her in the '90s, as a chatbot. Manchester creative agency Modern English have created a microsite to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Britney Spears’ debut album ‘Baby One More Time’. You can connect to your Spotify and re-live the 90's while browsing the site and chatting to Britney. She will even make you a custom playlist depending on your mood.


The Internet's Birthday

`Code News`

In March 2019, the World Wide Web turned 30, and October will mark the 50th anniversary of the internet. The clever lot at toyfight have made a site that shows what the future of the internet might look like, and you can explore its past and present.

There are some really nice articles on this site discussing web independence, online regulation, capitalism and most importantly the age of the GIF.

IT's subtle marketing

Brand News

Since the remake of Stephan King’s ‘IT’ in 2017, my coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is through the roof. If you’ve never seen this scary movie, you’re in luck with ‘Chapter Two’ being released later this year. Weirdly, I can’t wait and what’s generating my fearful excitement is the teasing social posts from the movie’s actors. At a first glance, these posts look like just another high-quality celeb image however when you look a little bit closer, you may see some iconic red balloons…

I just love how ‘IT’ has utilised its actors and their millions of followers to spread movie awareness in a subtle and sneaky kind of way!