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Honesty is the be(er)st policy

Brand News

I absolutely love reactive brands that are able to take the piss out of themselves and my favourite brand response this week was from Carlsberg. After facing massive sale and sentiment backlash after claiming they’re “Probably the best lager in the world”, this Danish brewery are now attempting to mitigate their wrongs by rephrasing that they’re “probably not” the best lager in the world. They’ve also announced they’re currently changing their beer’s ingredients and brewing methods.

It’s great to see a brand listening and adapting. Will this stand them in good stead going forward? “Probably”.

Kick Drum…literally!

Brand News

When a sneaker brand and one of the world’s most popular music brands collide, there’s inevitably going to be some awesome ingenuity. In celebration of the official release of Puma’s MTV RS-X Tracks, a fully functioning professional-level drum kit was created out of a few pairs of the shoes!! How sick is that?! This kind of innovative collaboration is music to my ears!

Folded Fones

Tech News

After 8 years of teasing, it’s finally happened. Samsung have released the folding phone…but who actually cares? Personally, besides the extra layer of ambiguity and the luxury of now having an extremely expensive fidget spinner, I’m not sure what the purpose of the fold is? However, to others, this phone has a massive appeal as the double screen ultimately allows people the opportunity to be on two sister apps at once! Gamers in particular may love this feature as they’ll be able to game in one app while potentially discussing tactics in another. Although I’m sceptical, I am excited to see the range of opportunities this phone will open…

Net-no need to-flix

Tech News

Do you ever reach a Netflix lull? I do. I go through stages of being under and overwhelmed by the options and sometimes, yes, I’m about to say it, I actually miss a real TV and only having limited viewing choices. The great news for me is that Netflix are testing out a ‘Top 10’ list that will show the most popular content people are watching locally! I’m hoping this will come into implementation as I’d love some inspiration as well as some insights into what the rest of the UK are streaming!

Fantastic! Netflix and chill made even easier!

Mooning on FB comes to an end!

Digital Platform News

Did you know mooning on Facebook was a thing? I’m not talking about exposing bums, I’m talking about the hidden Easter Egg activation on messenger. Egg-citing right? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, up until today, individuals who sent a half moon to someone on Facebook chat instantly enabled dark mode (a feature that makes the screen of the chat black). Don’t fret if you’ve got FOMO for this feature, as of today, everyone will be able to toggle between dark and standard mode by simply tapping on a person’s profile picture.

This mode not only gives a super cool emo vibe to your chat but can also save your battery life!

YouTube Fact F(AI)L

Digital Platform News

In case you’ve been under a rock all week, Notre Dame caught alight on Monday afternoon. A variety of news networks were offering live YouTube coverage during the incident and the strangest thing occurred on the platform. Mixing up events, YouTube’s algorithm created pop up banners under videos that explained the 9/11 NYC terror attacks. Considering there’s been no mention of this fire in Paris being a terrorist attack, it’s all a bit random. This was all a bit ironic considering this pop-up information is meant to prevent misinformation and conspiracies occurring on the platform. So here we just seem to have a classic example of an algorithm gone AWOL.

Guess you can’t spell fail without A.I