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Stairs to stare

Brand News

You know that Mac desktop mountain picture that almost everyone is too lazy to change? Well, Free Solo, a National Geographic documentary about a rock climber who scales that mountain, has just won an Oscar!

Prior to its release on the 3rd of March, individuals in Latin America were offered the opportunity to watch it early but there was a twist - anyone who wanted access to the full film had to physically climb higher and higher to watch more and more. This was all made possible by smartphone GPS functionality. Damn, ‘mounten out of ten’ for creativity.

Unplug and hug…or maybe a bit more

Brand News

Last week, the popular dating app Hinge encouraged its users to turn off their ‘discovery’ section…BUT WHAT?! WHY?! Well in celebration of National Unplugging Day, Hinge invited its users to a hotel soiree as a way to encourage actual human interactions. Sounds awful but at least there were free drinks on offer!

Don’t worry if you’ve got FOMO, this only took place in 3 cities across the US.

Let’s just hope everyone arrived thirsty, in more ways than one.

Nosey Speakers

Tech News

Have you ever wanted to hear all the embarrassing things you mispronounced, slurred or stuttered to your Alexa? Well if the answer is yes, you’re in luck. Following the steps in the link below, you’ll be able to literally hear a recording of whatever you’ve directly said to Alexa in the past.

Creepy and frikken crazy, but don’t worry, that sweet delete option is there. Who knew Year 3000 was something I’ve requested more than once this year?

Guess you could say I’ve been…busted.

Amazon Accountability

Tech News

Fake branded products have been an issue for decades and on sites such as Amazon, brands have continuously complained about the limited action is taken. However, Amazon has recently created Project Zero, an initiative that allows brands to delete any fake products they find online.

Well done Amazon for placing accountability into the nit-picker’s hands.

The Tw(AI)light Zone

`Code News`

AI-generated faces are a big topic this week. uses a machine learning method known as a generative adversarial network (or GAN for short) to generate fake faces.

These networks operate by searching through huge stacks of data (in this case, a lot of portraits of real people); learning the patterns within them and then trying to replicate what they’ve seen.

Bad news - they're TERRIFYINGLY good at it.


`Code News`

Beauty_GAN is another AI learning software built to replicate beauty. It analyses 17,000 images from Instagram to uncover what society considers beautiful. It then generates imagery of what it thinks a beauty portrait would look like.

Check out how Selam X created the cover for the new issue of Dazed Beauty by running Kylie Jenner through their software.

TikTok Safety Tidy-up

Digital Platform News

Now you know I love talking about TikTok and so do parents online (but for far more negative reasons). It isn’t surprising that with 1 billion unique downloads, many parents have vocalised how unsafe TikTok is and it appears that these concerns have been heard! In a series of quirky and platform-suited raw videos, TikTok has informed users of how to control who comments and sees their stuff, what they watch and how much time they spend online.

‘Positive vibes only’ is their mantra and hopefully parents will find ease in being able to control these settings.

You(th)Tube? Not anymore

Digital Platform News

YouTube has also struggled for years to find a way to prevent children from being exposed to predators. Earlier this year, even Fortnite, a popular game amongst youngsters, withdrew their ads because of the influx of predatory comments.

However, YouTube has begun putting restrictions in place - the most recent being that videos with minors will now have comments disabled.

This news obviously effects a large portion of Mummy and other kind of influencers whose careers rely on their children as content. But not to worry, YouTube has ensured that some content creators will have comments enabled but they will be strictly moderated.

YouTube ain’t kid-ding around here.