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Virtual Shoe Sharing

Brand News

The Super Bowl is a hot topic, whether you’re American or not. I love seeing how brands compete to make noise in this already, pretty noisy event. One of my personal favourites this year, was from good old Nike for their “Dreams Are Made Here” campaign. Aligning with the campaign’s name, this iconic brand dropped a whole bunch of sneakers and jerseys…virtually. But what do I mean? I mean that if a person received an ‘airdrop’ on their phone from Nike and they accepted it, they received an invite to retrieve the merchandise. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Genius.


Brand News

Amongst all the Super Bowl news, did you hear Diet Coke and Delta airlines have apologised for the napkins they recently released on their flights? Probably not. Well, earlier this month, the Twitter world blew up with controversial tweets from passengers calling out these serviettes. To explain, the serviettes encouraged passengers to interact with others onboard. For example, one serviette read “Because you’re on a plane full of interesting people and hey … you never know” while another had a space for a phone number to be written.

I’m sorry, but what? This is possibly the creepiest thing I’ve heard of for a while. I guess that’s what Diet Coke gets for being the low-calorie stepchild of the brand.

It's TikTok Time

Digital Platform News

TikTok you say? I’m not talking about the infamous song by my main gal Ke$ha, I’m actually talking about 2018’s most downloaded app. Never heard of it? Well, with TikTok currently having more users than Twitter and Snapchat, it’s about time you learn about this Gen Z playground where 680 million create monthly. Oh, and did I forget to mention this article was written by me? Well at least now you know.

Grammy Greatness

Tech News

With the Grammy Awards taking place last night, it was inevitable more innovative creative ideas would come out to play (what a time to read The Tara Times!) This year, the Grammys created an interactive music video meaning that the more views the video receives, the more of a spectacle it becomes. It’s awesome to see how the video has already evolved from an acapella version of Ella Mai’s ‘Boo’d Up’ to a full-on marching band melody!

Clear your room or clear your call?

Tech News

Recently, the OG of video-calling, Skype, has begun losing out to the likes of Whatsapp, FaceTime, Zoom and Slack. However, with the addition of a new feature that blurs the background of your screen, Skype may be onto something. Don’t want the person you’re connecting with to see where you are or what your messy room looks like? Just blur it out. Taking sneaky tropical holidays has never been easier!

Ad blocker blocking beats

Digital Platform News

I know we’re in the industry of advertising, but I’m sure more than a few of us have ad blockers on our mobile and laptops to, you know, block the ‘irritating’ ones. (In fact 65% of Gen Z have installed ad-blockers according to Kantar Millward Brown) – ANYWAYS - Spotify are threatening to suspend and even terminate accounts who use ad blockers. This will be implemented from the 1st of March so if you love your Spotify tunes, I’d say get removing your ad blocker! Nothing like Spotify wanting more money...I already resent that £9.99 each month.

Guess we should start calling them pay-lists then? Anyone?


`Code News`

Captain Marvel is here and she's taken the web back to 1995, to the days of gifs, multiple backgrounds, loads of colour and apparently no designers.

Here are a few sites that have also never left the 90's:

Space Jam:


CNN’s OJ Simpson Trial Page:

Finally my personal fav, IE is evil:

Also, take a look at the History of Waste on the interweb with the way back machine (make sure you have flash player installed, ahhh the good old days.)

Augmented web

`Code News`

W3C has published a 1st Public Working Draft of the WebXR Device API. This specification describes support for accessing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays, on the Web.

All your dreams have come true, well a draft of your digital dreams at least. If you have an Android hit the button below to take a look at a few simple examples, I can't guarantee they will work, but at least W3 is moving towards making VR + AR more accessible.