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Egg-citing stuff

Digital Platform News

In a world where ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ are the greatest online social commodity, it was refreshing this week, to see an egg takeover as the most liked image on Instagram…ever.

If you haven’t heard about ‘the egg’ you’ve been under a hole – or you just don’t follow enough meme accounts. In a bid to become the most liked image on Instagram (to essentially get more likes than a picture of Kylie Jenner holding her babies hand) an account was set up with just a single picture of an egg.

It’s overtaken Kylie in ‘likes’ and has become an icon for how much of a yolk the internet and ‘likes’ can be.

The @world-record-egg image currently has 48 million likes. It’s absolutely cracked it!

Pricey Playlists

Brand News

Earpods - you either hate them or can’t afford them but regardless of how you feel, they’re the most popular wireless headphones to date. With the rise of always in content (content for people who listen ALL the time) Louis Vuitton announced a competing pair of their own titled: the LV Horizon Earphones.

Although these earpods aren’t anything new in terms of technology this exclusive style will cost you £1285. They’re pricey, but at least buyers won’t have to hear the haters when they’re fashionably blasting music.

Ikea and Dj Pillow

Brand News

Big weekend plans? Have you been invited on a night out but just wanna be asleep in bed instead? Well, IKEA has read all our minds and created one fab tv ad. In the celebration of JOMO (The joy of missing out) IKEA has shown pj wearing folk line up for what appears to be a night club. Once inside, you discover they’re getting ready for a massive sleepover in a giant communal bedroom.

Showing the importance of getting quality sleep, the ad is genius even if you do end up watching a few people brush their teeth with strobe lighting in the back.

New(s) for Alexa

Tech News

Ever listened to Alexa and thought “You don’t sound human enough?” Me neither and I take quite some satisfaction in the fact that she’s AI, but as of Wednesday in the US, this smart speaker will be selectively emphasizing certain words in sentences - much the same as a real newscaster would.

She’s a smart gal who’s been programmed to do this through listening and learning to thousands of audio clips to master her syllable awareness.

Who knows what style of language she’ll be able to speak in next? I can only hope it will be sarcasm.

#10yearchallenge sinister potential

Digital Platform News

If you’re on any kind of social media you’ve most likely seen (or even posted) a picture of yourself from 10 years ago. Did you enjoy the nostalgic swiping through your photos?

Initially, this challenge seems like a bit of harmless fun, but did you think that all of the data you and millions of others shared could be mined to assist facial recognition algorithms on age progressions?

Think about it, in just two weeks there is now a massive public dataset (all categorized with a hashtag) of photos of people from 2009 to 2019. Conspiracy to assist AI or just a meme challenge? You decide.

Groceries on the go

Tech News

With the hype around driverless cars, it isn’t surprising that the American grocery chain Stop & Shop will be testing out driverless delivery vehicles this year. These cars will travel door to door dropping off customer shopping list requirements. Similar to Uber, individuals can order the car on the app and simply just open their door to the treats when their deliveries arrive!

Uber cool. But will the items inside be? The answer is yes, with the vehicles being temperature controlled.

Cool idea but let’s see if they’re safe. Driverless cars have had many issues in the past.