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(W)rapped up.

`Code News`

This week saw the launch of Spotify Wrapped - showcasing your top artists, top songs, minutes listened, listening firsts and it even makes you a playlist of your top 100 songs of 2018.

The Spotify Unwrapped site is a dynamic work of art, with giant font transitions and all sorts of color combos, making data visualization not completly, mind-numbly boring.

FYI for anyone who cares my top artist of 2018 was Cardi B (who knew) and I listened to 27,651 minutes of music.

Got enough money in your Banksy?

Brand News

Banksy, the anonymous street artist and political activist has done it again! Not only has he shredded a £1.4 million piece of his art this year but is now giving back. For just £2, even you could potentially own a piece by this absolute icon. This sounds way too affordable for Banksy, right? Well of course there is a catch (it is a remote-controlled boat on offer after all)

Potential buyers need to guess the weight of the statue with a donation of £2. This £2 goes to the Choose Love store where people can buy gifts for refugees.

Banksy has really smashed it here offering everyone the opportunity to own one of his pieces. I’m sure the wealthy will fork out thousands too – at least it’s all for charity ey?

Burger King’s biggest strength? McDonald’s.

Brand News

Burger King loves a bit of trolling and this week they took their naughty ways to Maccy Ds. This time pushing their app, BK offered 1 cent Whoppers exclusively to anyone within 600 feet of a McDonald’s. This latest stunt ticks a lot of marketing boxes - customer benefit, digital acquisition, memorable, shareable and one in the eye for the enemy. It’s that last point that really got me thinking here - Isn’t it lovely when a brand has a (golden) arch nemesis? In the battle to be interesting, it’s one hell of a narrative shortcut.

Netflix > Facebook Watch

Digital Platform News

Ever log onto your FB app and get an annoying red notification in the left-hand corner that isn’t a friend request? Well in case you didn’t know, that’s the apps video hub ‘Watch’. They haven’t had a hit show yet so they’ve decided to add free episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly.

I personally think this is another one of Mark Zuckerberg’s bad ideas. They’re competing against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu with pretty outdated content?! Even the thought of being able to ‘live-comment’ doesn’t interest me. Sorry, but I’m only on FB to see what cringe stuff my mum’s sharing and to watch 5-second-long videos of cute babies.

Streaming. Our 2 cents worth.

Digital Platform News

Canadian folk band The Weather Station posted a great Twitter thread this week, arguing that streaming could work for everyone (music fans and musicians) with a simple hack – charging a fixed price of 1 or 2 cents per stream. This could result in most listeners paying less than their monthly subscription and heavy users (businesses who can afford it!) paying more – artists would also benefit whether big or small! Christian (the main strategy man in the office) is in a band – they received 661k streams this year! He won’t tell me how much revenue that brought in, but he still works here, so probably not enough.

Swift removal of stalkers

Tech News

In May this year, T-Swizz otherwise known as Taylor Swift to some, had a facial recognition system put in place to identify her stalkers. I mean, I’m a fan but personally think this is a bit extreme? What’s the difference between a stalker and a super fan at the end of the day…right? Right?! Personally, the whole procedure seems pretty damn intrusive, especially without the knowledge of attendees that it’s happening. Apparently concerts like this are a private event so organizers can enforce whatever kind of security they want..and escort you Swiftly.

Freaky finger

Tech News

Have you ever been deep in a WhatsApp chat with distant loved ones and thought to yourself, ‘I wish there was a weird robotic finger attached to my phone that could gently rub my wrist’? Neither have I. But soon that could happen thanks to this freaky Frenchman who wants us all to have deeper relationships with our mobiles. Check out this video and try not to think of the endless possibilities…