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`Code News`

Not only do AWWWards showcase some of the best websites on the interweb*, they also curate some website bangers. Their most recent creation is a STUNNER. Take a look at those page transititons and hover animations, oooofftt.

(*they are yet to feature the new Waste site - shoutout Dean, so until then they host SOME OF the best websites on the interweb.)

I personally think the Waste Dev team (and of course the other Tara²) should be flown out to Amsterdam or San Francisco to soak up the digital ambience.


`Code News`

This is just an appreciation post for this site by DesignThinkers out in O'Canada, let's all just take a moment to spin the site round and round and round.


Brand News

Have you ever been coming home in a taxi after a late night and found yourself craving a cheeky snack? I haven’t but if you admit you have, you’re in luck! Recently, an American start-up called Cargo has partnered with Uber to offer you mini vending machines in your car! From headphones and beauty products to chocolates and chargers, you’ll be able to get it all.

Nothing beats you and your Uber being fuelled up – am I right?


Brand News

Who doesn’t love Tex-Mex? If you don’t, stop reading now but if you do…TACO BELL HAS ARRIVED IN LONDON!

To announce their arrival, the fast food chain decided to use their signature “ding” sound to prank good ol’ Londoners. Through working with an audio engineer, Taco Bell created a unique Taco Bell chime to sound as if it was coming from Big Ben.

Big Ben has been silent since August 2017, so it fooled a few people.

Nacho average day in London hey?


Digital Platform News

Recently, Facebook failed to stop a 16-year-old girl from being auctioned on the platform in Sudan. Sadly, forced child marriages are a common occurrence in this Northeast African country and although the family reported the post two weeks prior, Facebook only took the post down when she had been ‘sold’ to a multimillionaire businessman for 530 cows, three Land Cruiser V8 cars and $10,000.

Facebook have admitted that their content reviewers don’t speak every language in the world and this may be why it slipped through the cracks. Obviously, this is a massive issue and will hopefully prompt Facebook to take better action in moderating all content for the sake of everyone’s human rights.


Digital Platform News

As Twitter continues to try and decrease the importance users place on ‘vanity metrics’ (e.g. numbers of Followers, Likes and RTs), this week they reduced the text size of user’s follower count. Twitter explained that this subtle change is an attempt to place more importance on user names and bios.

Similar to the controversial removing of the ‘like’ button, Twitter claims to be rethinking everything on the platform, as a way to incentivise healthier conversations.

I personally love the idea of users focusing more on meaningful engagement than just likes and RTs!


Tech News

This Black Friday, I believe Burger King wore the crown for ingenious marketing with their website. Keeping with its “hackvertising” philosophy, the fast-food brand created a website to convert frantic shopping into free Whopper vouches. But how?

This unique website was full of banner ads from major brands. When shoppers clicked on an ad, Burger King sent them the ad-revenue in the form of Whopper vouchers.

Genius, right? McDonalds and KFC, it’s time to ketchup.


Tech News

With Christmas coming up and the copious amount of food that comes with it, it’s inevitable that we’ll get too full to move this December. But don’t panic, in Australia, a chest-mounted robot could be of assistance to help you stuff your face when your arms have given up.

This robot called “Arm-A-Dine” isn’t actually created for this purpose but rather a prototype designed for the social experience of eating. With a facial recognition app running on your smartphone, your expression will be scanned and if you’re smiling, you’ll be offered more food. If you’re looking glum, it’ll stop shoving food in your frown hole.

That’s mental, or should I say metal…