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Brand News

What’s better than Christmas? I'll tell ya, it's Christmas all year long! Imagine winning a year worth of gifts that not only you can use but you can also give to your friends and family?! Well TK Maxx is offering this dream through in an in-store activation which launched this week. How can you get this ultimate Christmas treat you may ask? All you need to do is find one of the few ultra-long stocking either in-store or online.

No need to Maxx out your credit card…am I right?!


Brand News

We can get movies and music all month long, so why are we currently not getting car rides around town too?! In the US, Uber has just announced a subscription service in five cities called Ride Pass. Ride Pass and allows passengers to avoid price surging with a fix fair, when converted, of around £19 a month.


Sadly, there are no plans for this to be implemented in the UK just yet…but I’d love to pay under £20 FOR UBERS ALL MONTH LONG.



Digital Platform News

Fascinatingly, this year Facebook will be taking itself offline and launching pop-ups around the U.S... But what will they be selling you’re probably wondering? Well the 100 ‘most-loved brands’ on Instagram and Facebook of course! It’s a pretty interesting concept and is currently being seen as a continuation of the social platform’s retail strategy alongside Facebook Marketplace.

I’m a zucker(berg) for innovation so I’ll be keeping my eye on this!


Digital Platform News

I’m surely not the only person in the world who loves when Google mixes up their homepage with something topical? Right?! Well in light of the recent American elections, rather than having a Google Doodle (I didn’t know that was its official name!)the page read “Go Vote”. If you clicked on the infamous logo it would automatically create a search for “where do I vote” #ElectionDay locations were offered near to you!

Genius with a capital G.


Tech News

Medical and technological breakthroughs continue to amaze me on the daily, but this one is just insane! Recently, a company in San Diego called TripleW have created a device that can predict when users need to go to the toilet. Mainly aimed at the elderly and children, this portable device called DFree can be worn anywhere, at any time. The sensor which is secured to your lower abdomen monitors your bladder size and alerts you that you need to go!

Know someone who needs this? Urine luck!


Digital Platform News

I don’t know if many of you have a Twitter account, but one thing I can tell you is that there is a lot of nonsense on there. Interestingly, Twitter is considering the removal of the ‘like’ button in an aim to improve the quality of debate online. Like something you read? Why not actually engage about it and comment?!

This potential change has resulted in mixed reactions with some claiming that it’s not a way to avoid debate but rather a quick way to show appreciation. Personally, I like the idea of its removal to prompt a bit more a more of a conversation!

Not a fan? Don’t be twitter about it.