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An inclusive Happy Meal

Brand News

Recently in Sweden, an unlikely initiative took place.

To mark international World Dyslexia Awareness Day, McDonalds jumbled their digital ads and menus to encourage their customers to empathise with those who suffer daily with this invisible learning disorder.

All Happy Meals included a book which told the story of young boy’s struggles with dyslexia.

Although an unexpected campaign, I love how one of the largest brands decided to use its voice for inclusivity.

I don’t know about you, but I’m lovin’ it!

I*P*EA on this ad

Brand News

With the Clio Awards winners being announced earlier this month, I can’t not share with you one of my favourite frontrunners – by Ikea of course.

Earlier this year, this furniture retailer created a print ad that encouraged pregnant woman to pee on it. Yes, you read correctly…pee on it.

If one was pregnant, a reduced price would appear on the ad for a baby cot.

They called it a ‘family discount’, I call it damn genius!

(Nearly as genius as what I did with this title)

Whatsappening?! Ads.

Digital Platform News

Currently, Whatsapp is one of the few social platforms that have a completely ad-free interface. But guess what? That won’t be for long with Facebook’s recent decision to monetise the app.

Although Whatsapp has been renowned for not needing any data from its users, very soon, similar to Instagram and Snapchat, it may start tracking your data to personalise the ads served to you.

Apparently, the ads will take place in the ‘status’ section so hopefully they won’t be too painful (this is if you’re part of the 50% of users who actually use this feature).

Time to download adblocker on my phone then...

FB mapping out your friends

Digital Platform News

In desperation to keep up with the evolving social platform around him, Zuckerberg is reintroducing the feature of ‘Nearby Friends’ to good ol' Facebook. Instead of the feature being a list like it was previously, it will now position your friends on a virtual map!

Not sure what I mean? Well, imagine if you went on Google Maps and you could see all your pals nearby – pretty sweet right?

I’m undecided, but I know my mum would love to constantly check out what I’m up to.

(Don’t worry mama bear, I’m behaving)

A (Fit) Bit too much data?

Tech News

Recently, Fitbit went above and beyond simply informing an individual of whether they had completed their daily step count.

Instead, a court has used heart rate data from the device to charge a man with the murder of his stepdaughter.

The man who has been charged, claimed he had simply left his daughter at home and continued running errands, yet his heart rate data showed an alarming spike (of 8 mins) around the time he said he had dropped her.

Bloodstained clothes were also found on the scene, so don’t panic that this was the only evidence used.

But damn, guess that’s why they call them smart devices.

Clean clothes on the tube

Tech News

Now we all know the London Underground is a pretty grimy place but maybe not for your clothes…

Soon, a new London start-up called VClean Life will be installing 200 laundry vending machines for you to get your clothes cleaned while on the go!

Although you’ll need to pre-register to get the service, once you’ve done this, all you have to do is drop your clean laundry and just scan a QR code!

Each item will be £3 and will take around 24 hours. Pricey or invaluable? You decide.

Hope that wasn’t an over…load of info?